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Dear Bride & Groom:

Here are the ceremony samples! You may choose any one of them as written or you may mix or modify as you see fit. If you feel really creative, you may also write your own! Please contact me at least 3 days before the wedding date with your selection so I may prepare for the ceremony. (For same-sex couples, many of the ceremony samples may be modified and utilized for your ceremony.)

The day of the wedding you will need the rings (if used), the marriage license (unless arrangements have been made for me to get it beforehand) and two witnesses that are at least 18 years of age.

Remember, this is YOUR day! If you would like something special during the ceremony, just let me know either verbally or indicate it on the selected ceremony. I will certainly make every effort to accommodate your request.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I will do my best to assist.

I may be contacted:

Robert J. Klabunde
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262-279-3402 (anytime)

By email at:

Frequently Asked Questions
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Marriage License Questions?
Visit the Walworth County Clerk's site
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Feel free to mix and match, or create your own!
( If you do not have a preference, I will use a simple, basic ceremony. )

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Some couples wish to include the lighting of a Unity Candle in their ceremony. However, lighting candles outside can sometimes be quite a challenge! As an alternate, you may use a Sand Ceremony. Either of these may be included in your ceremony of choice, at any point in the ceremony. I find though, it usually works best after the vows and exchange of rings, just before you are pronounced husband and wife / lawfully married.
Unity Candle Sand Ceremony

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